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Maritime Heritage of Sri Lanka: Ancient Ports and Harbours

Maritime Heritage of Sri Lanka: Ancient Ports and Harbours

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Sri Lanka's renown in the ancient world is ascribed to its geo-strategic situation at the centre of the sea routes across the Indian Ocean. Its natural resources and manufacturers were legendary, from gems, and spices to elephants and swords to prestige artefacts.  

Visitors from all over the world entered the island through its many ports and harbours, each of whose importance varied with the turns of history. These ports and harbours were connected to inland rivers to facilitate the transport of goods witnessed by the ancient roads and bridges still standing. Chronicles, inscriptions, maps, mariners' accounts and legends, literature and knowledge and the religious and cultural interactions involving the island through the ages. This book is a collection of articles drawn from the perspectives of archaeology, history, geography, biology and science, archival material combined with stunning photographs of the island today.

National Trust of Sri Lanka. Hardback.


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