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Finding Sinhabahu: An analysis of the early history of Sri Lanka documented in ancient chronicles by Ajith Amarasinghe

Finding Sinhabahu: An analysis of the early history of Sri Lanka documented in ancient chronicles by Ajith Amarasinghe

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Based on the contents of 2nd Century B.C. inscriptions, 5th Century A.D. copper leaf grants found from Kalinga country and 12th Century inscriptions in Sri Lanka, it is proven that the legend of King Sinhabahu the father of the first king of the Sinhalese, Vijaya is not a mythical story. Sinhapura from where King Vijaya departed from India to colonize Sri Lanka, is identified as had being located at Singupuram village in the east coast of India.

Matching the recent Prehistoric, Protohistoric archeological findings with the anthropological, genetic and anatomical discoveries it is described that the Yakkas (Demons) mentioned in the Mahavansa, the ancient chronicle of the Sinhalese were the ancestors of Vadda tribes, who inhabited the length and breadth of the island. Based on the same scientific findings it is argued that the Sinhala race sprang from an intermingle between the advanced segments of these indigenous Vadda tribes, who had reached the iron age by the 4th - 5th Century B.C, and the Vijayan wave of East Indian migrants.

The story of Pandukabhaya and his making of the city of Anuradhapura, the introduction of Buddhism to Sri Lanka by Arhanth Mahinda, the incident of bringing the tooth relic to Sri Lanka, mentioned in ancient chronicles are convincingly proven to be correct.

The Tamil historical chronicles startlingly reveal that the Famous Aryachakaravarthi dynasty of the northern Sri Lanka were not Tamils, but a Kalinga royal clan, related to the first king of the Sinhalese, Vijaya. Despite show that significant mixing between them have happened in the past.

This book which is based on scientific archeological, anthropological, genetic and anatomical findings, not only explains the historicity of the "mythical" stories in the ancient chronicles of Sri Lanka, but also shed a light on the early history of the island.

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