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The Invisible Truth: Unlock the Gateway to Find Your Purpose In Life by Dinoshi Keiper

The Invisible Truth: Unlock the Gateway to Find Your Purpose In Life by Dinoshi Keiper

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Dinoshi Keiper opens the eyes of the reader to a world less known in a quest to finding meaning to life. The Invisible Truthprovides answers to questions such as: Who are we? Where do we come from? Where do we go to? Are we human beings attempting to evolve into spiritual beings or spiritual beings having a human experience?

She answers these questions linking life to birth, death, past lives, karma, rebirth, True Self, life purpose, Higher Beings, planes beyond the Earth and our almost relentless journey towards self realisation.

The truths of the Universe compiled in this book contains a combination of literature research into mainstream beliefs and ideologies, as well as, the science behind our existence. The rather complex theories and universal concepts are lightened up through real life people's stories, including past life stories, and Dinoshi's own experiences from past and present lives. Through first hand real stories of the author explains how the laws of the Universe take each individual through a journey of experiential learning towards ultimate freedom.

This book aims to show the reader there is much more meaning to our lives than what we comprehend through our five senses, for knowledge is acquired via the five senses and wisdom via our Higher Self. The Invisible Truth is a doorway to understanding that Higher Self and beyond!

It is your gateway to your journey.

Self Published. Paperback.


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