Collection: Whilst you were sleeping by Elizabeth Porter

Whilst you were sleeping,
In the safety & certainty of your bed, breath so quiet; soft and sweet.
In the deep dark frenetic dreams begin to seep into the plans you have been making for the days ahead;
That map, once so clear and organised, becomes fractured and difficult to read;
Twisted and splintered by extradinary landscapes.
Strange naratives shatter the simple shape you have been fabricating of reality.
In the brutal glare of morning so many certainties are lost;
While others have been replaced by doupt and confusion.
Indeed everything has changed, becoming unfamiliar & new.
Yet a few simple things remain to comfort you:
A fox is dancing;
A boat has grown golden wings:
A bird is learning to sing again;
A knot is tied in friendship;
A throng of moths escort a bear;
A house has been made of sticks;
And here in the dark one white flower has opened.
- Elizabeth Porter