Collection: MYCELIUM The reflections of I and I by Tamara Jayasundera

Mycelium is the network of threads found in fungus that decomposes organic material. It is found all around us and within us, thriving. It has consumed this work, in a giving-receiving sense. Mycelium stands for resilience, while the series marks the expression of the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Regeneration of the soul through its connection to the four elements: earth, wind, fire, water. A healing of four stages.Taking a stand in nature’s impermanence from drowning to breathing under water.
The body of work depicts relationships as reflections of self and the meeting of oneself deeper and stronger. Scraping the surface of psychologist Carl Jung’s self-integration process to act as an alchemist, turning lead to gold within self.
A healing dance of hammering, acid throwing, burials in earth, burning, scratching, engraving, and writing. Craving to be raw to the bone; exposed only to express a thing of beauty through authenticity. A release of energy in the hopes of letting go of old trauma cycles and karmic lifetimes for the self and other.
Resilience. Recitation. Resuscitation. Recovery. Rapture.

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